Day: July 16, 2019

Setting Up React for front end development

Reading Time: < 1 minute React is an opensource library that was developed by facebook for front-end web development, also the react-native variant is use in developing cross platform mobile apps. As a prequisite, nodejs has to be installed on your computer before installing react. I highly recommend one to install the stable version especially for production purposes and the […]

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Installing VScode on a PI

Reading Time: < 1 minute VScode a text editor that comes highly recommended by millions of web developers, hence our task is to try to install it on this $35 computer with a few tweaks to have your web development environment ready. A point to note is that there exist very many text editors and selecting is largely dependent on […]

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Setting Up Your PI

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post will take you through configuring your pi for the first time What you should have: Raspberry Pi Computer Micro SD card (at least 8gb of storage) Monitor with HDMI interface or necessary adapter Keyboard Mouse The operating system that runs on the pi must be flashed on the memory card though its also […]

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